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Pendantry No 8 - a vintage pen nib with an ivory glass 'tentacle' bead

Pendantry No 8 - a vintage pen nib with an ivory glass 'tentacle' bead


The pen nib is mightier than the sword, so they say.  Perhaps it is true, because they are quite pointy and sharp.  Please bear this in mind when you wear your Pendantry, as it could be awkward to hug a loved one and give them a bit of a wound as you press yourself to their beloved frame. 

The ivory glass tentacle bead spins on the pen nib, so you can use it for meditating on your next novel, or your first.

This pendant has a vintage pen nib that has been cleaned and buffed slightly but not polished to remove wear marks or other indications of use. 


An ivory glass bead is mounted on a vintage steel nib. 

The chain is silverplated and measures approximately 20 inches/50 cm.  The glass bead measures approximately 16mm across and the pendant approximately 45mm from top of the bail to the tip of the nib.

Please be aware that pen nibs can be sharp.  This is not a toy, it is a piece of jewellery intended for rational adults.

If you would like to purchase an item similar to this one, please contact us.

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