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Elektra - pendant with amber glass whiteheart beads

Elektra - pendant with amber glass whiteheart beads


Amber was known to the Greeks, and cherished by them  According to legend when Phaëton son of Helios was killed, his mourning sisters became poplars, and their tears were said to be amber.

The chain and pendant case are gold plated, and have gold-plated accent beads in the case as well as on the chain, where they are teamed with transparent amber glass whiteheart beads. There are petite segments of millefiori in the pendant, which are the same kind as used to make the beautiful paperweights we love so much.

The pendant measures approximately 30mm, with a magnetic catch so you can add other little bits and bobs, or change things out as you wish.


 Amber glass is layered over white glass in a traditional Venetian technique called a 'whiteheart' beads.  These beads have been lightly etched for an extra effect, giving them a subtle glow.  Four whiteheart beads accent the neck chain which is a delicate 1mm ball chain.  The necklace chain measures approximately 28"/70cm.






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