Silvertone Locketry

Silvertone Locketry



Six styles of hinged locket that will hold most of the regular beads in stock in the shop. The locket is sold with a choice of 18" or 24" chain. Beads may be purchased individually in the appropriate sections of the shop.  If you choose a bead that will not fit, we will inform you before posting your order to offer an appropriate alternative.

The image below shows the 'Tree' locket with a Roman glass melon, to demonstrate how the locket looks with a bead. Beads are sold separately.


gaud-tree  pend-web pend-spiral 
Tree Web  Spiral
 pend-heart  pend-open  pend-gg
Heart  Openwork Golden Gaud

 The 'Web' pendant is smaller, measuring approx 22mm in diameter and the Openwork is the largest, measuring approx 29mm. We will check the bead you select to be sure it fits in the locket of your choice. Each locket is tested by opening and re-locking it to be sure it is in proper working order before posting.


Chain Length:

Quantity:  at  £5.00  each

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