Fascina bangle with accent beads

Fascina bangle with accent beads


Fascina are the Roman good luck charms to ward away the casting of a spell or 'fascinating' someone.  In the shape of a phallus, they were a potent symbol for protection and were often given to children to keep them free of being charmed or fascinated.

Fascina bangle

This is a subtle little bead, in the middle of the bangle.  You'll have to look closely to notice that it's a bit out of the ordinary.  Those Romans, eh?


One fascina, four accent beads all handmade in 'antique clear' glass with silvertone accents on a silver plated copper bangle.  Matching earrings are also available in the 'Earrings' section of the Jewellery department.

The bangle is approximately 7"


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Quantity:  at  £15.00  each

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