Tillerman Beads Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy



Ok, here goes. We do not do a mailing list, newsletter or anything of the sort, nor do we maintain any sort of customer database. We keep sales information for 7 years, but that is held on the secure servers at either Create or Paypal, none of it gets kept anywhere else with the exception of emails which are kept for two months to be sure that a transaction has been completed to the satisfaction of the customer. After that, correspondence is deleted. We require a cookie consent on the online shop, which is an EU regulation, customers are welcome to opt out of that. We no longer maintain a website, all our domains point directly to the online shop. We have accounts here at Facebook and Instagram, all of the information on those sites is held by the companies. We have no access to any personal information at all from any person who also uses those sites. There is nothing else to say about privacy except that we never have, nor never will lend, share, sell, give or even discuss the information of our customers.

We offer a no-quibble returns guarantee for any beads purchased through this website. 

If you are not happy with the beads, or you simply find that they are not what you had in mind, return them to us in their original condition and we will issue a full refund for the item. 

We will not refund the cost of returning them to us unless they have been damaged in the post, we ask that you contact us first to let us know that you are returning the beads.


 All jewellery created for sale on the Tillerman Beads website or through other venues is made using the best professional-quality materials including accent beads and semi-precious gemstone beads purchased from suppliers who guarantee that they are not dyed or processed in any way unless stated in the item description. The majority of the glass accent beads are top-quality Czech glass and Czech crystal. All items are guaranteed for normal wear and will be repaired or replaced if necessary. Please contact me with any questions you may have on items before purchasing if you wish. 


  I guarantee any lampworked bead I make to be durable under normal use and will replace any bead that cracks under normal wear or stress. All my beads are carefully annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln and examined closely before sale for any possible cracks or defects. I will not knowingly sell a bead that is anything but the finest quality.

Please note that even with extra care taken to make sure that all photographs of beads and jewellery are taken in normal daylight and are as close to the actual colours of the various items, the variations in computer displays may give a different colour or saturation of colour. If you receive any item that you feel does not match up with your expectations we will be happy work with you on the issue if you contact us with your problem.


 All postage and packing costs include the shipping box, postage via Royal Mail. Postage is based on the value of the order, and will include tracking above a certain value.

I pack all orders to ensure they arrive safely and in the best condition, and will combine shipments to save on postage costs if preferred. Gift wrapping is also available as is creating special beads or jewellery to your personal requirements. Necklaces and bracelets may be adjustable in size depending on the construction of the item of jewellery and if they can be adjusted it will be noted in the listing for that piece of jewellery.

 Please feel free to email me at [email protected] for any questions you may have about purchasing from me via my online shop or at a historic fair in the UK.

 Thank you again for your interest in my work.



PLEASE READ: All lampworked beads sold by Tillerman Beads are made from glass. Although each bead has been annealed, it is still a glass bead, and can break if improperly handled, dropped, hit against something hard or exposed to sudden temperature changes. This may cause breakage which will produce broken glass pieces or sharp edges that could cause injury.  When wearing glass beads please take care not to expose them to any situations that may cause them to break and be sure to protect them from impacts or extreme temperature changes. As with any broken object, please discard immediately . The spacers and other beads provided in sets from Tillerman Beads should also be treated in the same fashion. 

These glass beads are not intended for use on or by children, as they could present a choking hazard, or break with inappropriate handling.

Contact address:

M Poole  Tillerman Beads Quality Works, Old Fire Station, Rochdale Road,  Todmorden WYORKS  OL14 7NA

email: [email protected]

Phone:  07904 974935