Livia - necklace with teal lampwork melons

Livia - necklace with teal lampwork melons



 If you can't settle for famous, you can always aspire to Empress. Renowned as the wife of Augustus (don't touch those figs!) and the mother of Tiberius (can't win them all), the granny of Claudius and infamously the great grandmother of Caligula. How did she manage to do all that and be an Empress? Stamina? Good skills with a paintbrush and a steady hand with figs in the garden?


Teal melon beads (not painted with anything) are teamed with imperial amethyst beads, and rock crystal. Amethyst was believed to help you from getting drunk while imbibing, although in Livia's family, that was the least of your worries. Tiny sterling accent beads help to bring out the sparkle of the semi-precious beads. The clasp is a traditional Roman style S-clasp in fine silver.


Worthy of an Empress, or just the keen gardener or painter, these beads will imbue the wearer with a regal air.


Every necklace is a one-of-a-kind, handmade with attention the finest details, including crimp bead covers, thimble covers for the wire passing through the jump rings and the best quality findings.


 The necklace measures approximately 16.5"/43cm


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