Palestrina - necklace with clear glass melon beads

Palestrina - necklace with clear glass melon beads



 'I pray thee, play me Palestrina'. That's the kind of thing any Renaissance groupie would implore her lutenist to do. Blessed with a catalogue of greatest hits such as Magnificat Tertii Toni, as well as a host of 'lamentations', his music was definitely the kind to allure women whose musical tastes were pretty eclectic.



So, why call this necklace 'Palestrina'? Well, I'm a huge fan of Dorothy Dunnett, and the quote at the top is from one of her books. It just sounds so alluring. I mean, that's the kind of thing that would induce a swoon if you're a decent lutenist. Or luter or plucker of lute-y strings, right?


If some guy calls you 'Regina Caeli', you will swoon, won't you?

This devilishly difficult to photograph necklace has Mike's beautiful crystal-clear glass melon beads, teamed with faceted Czech glass beads, tiny sterling beads and emerald Swarovski crystals. It is as airy and ethereal as any work of Palestrina's. Take my word for it. Honest. Etheral doesn't begin to describe it.


Indeed, devilishly difficult to photograph.

 The necklace measures approximately 16.5"/43cm

Every necklace is a one-of-a-kind, handmade with attention the finest details, including crimp bead covers, thimble covers for the wire passing through the jump rings and the best quality findings.


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