Sandra - necklace with emerald green melon beads

Sandra - necklace with emerald green melon beads



Possibly a shortened version of Cassandra or maybe a feminine variation of Alexander, but either way it shows a connection to the splendour of Greece.

And, we all know how splendiferous Greece was! Dolphins, golden fleeces, goddesses lurking under, on (or possibly IN) the trees, streams, air, rocks, fountains. Making assignations with mortals or other gods, it was a busy time. Busy. Really busy. 


See? Busy, too busy to even buy a necklace for your beloved nymph, siren, dryad or even your sister. This sort of thing always ends in a disaster. Best get your winged slippers on and do the Right Thing.


In this case, the Right Thing includes transparent emerald melon beads handmade by Mike, rock crystal accent beads, amethyst Swarovski crystals and tiny sterling spacer beads, with a sterling clasp.



 The necklace measures approximately 16.5"/43cm

Every necklace is a one-of-a-kind, handmade with attention the finest details, including crimp bead covers, thimble covers for the wire passing through the jump rings and the best quality findings.



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