D. Viking-era Beads - Shop


They say that the Vikings wore their wealth on their women.  This means beads, lots of glass and amber and jet and ivory and crystal and carnelian.  That's just for starters.

All of the beads are handmade by Mike Poole, using Italian glass from the island of Murano or nearby.  Each bead is made to be as close to the original as possible, however each bead will vary as they are all individually made.

Most of our reference material is research into the museum databases such as the Historkia Museet website in Sweden, as well as the Holger Arbmann book on the Birka gravefinds, the Callmer book on Trade Beads in Scandinavia,  and any other direct sources where the beads are shown.  This includes hours of reading through archaeological reports as well as searching through image databases.