Carpathian Sword Bead, late 5th c

Carpathian Sword Bead, late 5th c


An extremely rare glass sword bead from Carpathia (modern Hugary) which was excavated with a sword, some scabbard fittings and a small pottery cup.


Although the bead appears to be badly-made, it is an approximation of a bead with murrini insertions, as well as a white wave band around the circumference which looks like an attempt at making the appearance of a cable stringer. It seems to have a sort of 'kitchen sink' appearance, where the beadmaker knew about murrini and twisted cable stringers but had never actually seen one.


The report describes the base bead as 'blue' but shows no indication of actual colour, so, based on the usual colour in situations like this, it's been made on a transparent cobalt blue base.

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