Annular beads with 2.2mm hole

Annular beads with 2.2mm hole


Annular beads with 2.2mm hole

A staple bead from every time and place, the monochrome annular bead is ideal for acting as spacers between larger or more complex beads.  A simple shape and one of the oldest glass bead types to be discovered, often used as accent beads. The first dateable glass bead is from Luxor (1497-1488BC)

Annular beads appear in a wide variety of colours, ranging from transparent blues, greens, yellows and clear glass to opaques including black, white, turquoise blue and other shades. They are common on most Iron Age, Roman and Romano-British sites, with a wide range of sizes and colours. 

Annular beads are tubular or ring-shaped, with large or small holes, an annular bead will have rounded edges; annular beads generally have a ratio of a thickness that is 1/2 to 1/3 the diameter.

Annular beads are available in pairs, sets of 4,  sets of 10 and now, sets of 50. They can be ordered in one colour or in sets of randomly mixed colours.  They are priced at 50p for a pair of beads, £1 for four beads, £2 for a set of ten beads  or £9 for a set of 50 beads, in one colour or a set in mixed colours..  The selections below will automatically calculate the price for your beads.

Select the colour from the choices below.  Suitable for all time periods, Iron-Age, Roman, Romano-British, Anglo-Saxon and Viking-era.

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