Fine-ribbed Melon Beads

Fine-ribbed Melon Beads



Timeless beads, elegant and tactile, the melon bead was the favourite of many cultures.  The Egyptians loved the shape and made them in turquoise-blue faience, the Romans liked theirs in turquoise-blue or cobalt, they appear in a variety of other colours too but they're the most popular style of bead for many times and places.

cobalt  seablue  forgetmenot 
 Cobalt Blue  Sea Blue  Forget-me-not Blue
 medamber  ltamber  amethyst
 Medium Amber  LIght Amber  Amethyst
 emerald  seagreen  antclear
 Emerald Green  Sea Green  Antique Clear


These glass reproductions of fine-ribbed melon beads are approximately 10x15mm with a 3mm hole.  As the beads are individually handmade, they will vary slightly.

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