Hiberno-Norse beads Type B

Hiberno-Norse beads Type B


During excavations for a railway line in 1847 at Kilmainham near Dublin, a number of beads were found along with various other items.  The beads were of a style not commonly found anywhere else other than as occasional single beads such as the one in the 'Pagan Princess' set on display in the museum on the Isle of Man.  These elegant and elaborate blue and white beads were never properly recorded and it is believed that a number of them were never handed in by the workers.

The ones that remain are spectacular examples of the beadmaker's art, many of them are on display in the British Museum, and several are on display in the Dublin Museum.  The reproductions Mike has created show what they may have looked like when they were new, and shiny.

The types assigned to the beads are ones developed by Mike after spending time working on recreating the ones that are shown below.  These types are based on shape, construction and decoration. 

Type B is characterised by a deeper, drumlike shape, with additional scrollwork using the same blue and white cables of glass.

Type B-1 Type B-2
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