Viking-era beads, Kopparsvik, Gotland

Viking-era beads, Kopparsvik, Gotland


Handmade reproductions of Viking-era glass beads based on finds from Sweden, these lampworked beads have been created using the traditional method of winding layers of molten glass around a mandrel (metal rod). This set is not unusual, large numbers of monochrome beads are often found, including yellow or blue beads typical.

Kopparsvik is located outside Visby, a large trading centre. It is a large Viking-age cemetery on the western coast, south of Visby. There are an estimated 300 burials, with dates from approximately 900 to 1050 AD. One interesting note about the burials was a large number of male burials with altered or filed teeth.

Due to the nature of yellow glass, each bead will vary in appearance although they are all made from the same glass.



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