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Viking bead mix

Viking bead mix



A blend of beads suitable for Viking-era re-enactors, school or museum handling collections or for those with an interest in Viking history. 

Each bead is based on information from various sources and reference material on Viking-era glass beads.  The basic set of beads includes a variety of decorated and plain beads, which may include shaped beads such as melons, decorated beads such as polychrome cable or wave beads, Birka-style beads, Ribe-style beads and monochrome annular beads and will contain a blend of decorated/polychrome or melon beads, monochrome shaped beads and annular beads. 

You can choose a larger selection of beads from the drop-down menu, the basic set is set at £12, other sets in the image are examples of sets priced at £15, £20, £25 and £35.  You will receive a set with similar beads to the ones shown, each set is made up individually.

The image shows a sampling of the variety of beads that may be included in your set. Each set will contain a different selection of beads with 2.2mm holes.  The sets are temporarily strung on cord.

Bead Set Price:

Quantity:  at  £12.00  each

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