Polychrome Viking beads - from Birka's Black Earth

Polychrome Viking beads - from Birka's Black Earth


Glass polychrome Viking beads based on individual beads described in the report on finds from the Black Earth at  Birka.

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 Viking-era glass beads based on finds from the Birka Black Earth report, these lampworked beads have been created using the traditional method of winding layers of molten glass around a mandrel (metal rod) and then decorating the bead with additional molten glass in contrasting colours in a variety of patterns including thin trails of glass and layered dots. 

These reproduction beads are made on a 2.2mm mandrel, and will easily fit on 2mm cord.

They are fully annealed and cleaned before being made available for sale.

The price is for ONE bead. Select the bead by the BE number below.





Black Earth:

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